Incipient Revival

A photo story about believing in your power in the face of two pandemics: Covid-19 and Racism.

A Diamond's Roots

Dissident Pastures

An introspective photo story inspired by a deep connection with nature. 

Crowning Achievement:

A Don Bell Photography x Goorin Bros Collaboration

Drew Mills is an Indie Hip-Hop artist and fashion model known as Blue w3rd. His music is driven by hard hitting bass, Caribbean influences and house vibes.

In this unprecedented era of shelter-in-place orders, Drew has heavily leaned into his craft, employing more strategic and creative thinking methods to produce music. In August, his Crowning Achievement ca
me when he released his viral single “Patience Riddim.”

“How a painter can get lost in the paint strokes or how a writer can get lost in the words on the page, when I’m making music, it’s almost like I’m not here, wherever here is.”

The Philadelphia native is photographed wearing the crown of his choice. “Dean the Butcher” is an American made wide brim wool fedora with a center dent crown. 

“I grab clothes that are stand alone art,” says Drew. “So, if it’s a pair of pants, you can put them on a hanger and they can fly by themselves. If it’s a shirt, same thing. And definitively, like this hat.” 

Ru · mi · na · tion 


  1. 1. a deep or considered thought about something.

    "philosophical ruminations about life and humanity"