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April 2019

Philly Art Collective Gallery

253 N 3rd St, Old City, Philadelphia, PA 19106

After years of exhibiting as a photographer, I decided to break the mold and debut another form of visual art. Unharnessed is an exhibit steeped in the empowering decision to free yourself from the rigors of daily restrictions.


The series features drawings of people and figures with the use of pencil, charcoal and chalk. The technique used employs bold, uninhibited strokes with loosely defined starting and ending points that reflect the limitless possibilities of coloring outside the lines.

Lululemon Fishtown, Philadelphia, Guest Exhibitor


March 2019

A month-long exhibit featuring various works including street, portraiture and fine art photography. 

Life in Progress


December 2014

World Wide Mind Gallery

1306 Abbot Kinney Blvd, 

Venice Beach, CA 90291


From the cobblestone streets of Brooklyn to the eclectic shorelines of Venice Beach, Life in Progress is a solo exhibit featuring photographs shot from coast to coast and beyond during a 3-year period from 2012 to 2014.


The exhibit features street photography and focuses on extracting the extraordinary from the ordinary in our daily routines. Life in Progress was displayed at World Wide Mind Gallery in one of the most vibrant and artistic enclaves in America - Venice Beach, CA. 

Cinematic Streets

March 2013

Opening Reception March 2nd 7-10pm

Official Sponsor Remy Martin VSOP

ArtsCenter South Florida, Studio 201

810 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL


The moment a sun shower strikes and you scurry for cover. The moment you pause and bathe in a fading sun.


Cinematic Streets is a colorful series that captures the stirring motion and dramatic stillness of the streets. It examines the occurrence when the usual becomes unique. Each photograph was taken spontaneously while strolling through London, New York and beyond.


The series was on display in one of the most culturally rich, vibrant and energetic cities in the world - Miami Beach, FL. Few cities smile wider, dance harder, strut cooler or savor art more than the 3-0-5.

Portraits of Wisdom

June 4 - July 13, 2012

100 Pearl Street Gallery

Hartford, CT  


Portraits of Wisdom is a photographic study of the enlightenment of the human spirit.


Throughout the course of several months, I stopped mostly strangers on the streets of various Northeast cities and simply asked: "What have you learned?"


It turns out you don't have to be Socrates or Plato to provide a sage and insightful perspective on life. The greatest philosophers we have are teachers, accountants, security guards, painters, retirees and waitresses; they're White, Black, Asian, Hispanic and more. The possibilities are endless.


In Portraits, I connect people's life lessons with a candid portrait, providing a rare glimpse into their souls.

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